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1. Do you accept MLS vendors?

    Yes, we do accept MLS vendors but are limited to no more than 20%

2Are vendors required to pay in advance?

     No, vendors pay for their table/stall day of the market.

3. Do you allow more than one vendor with the same product?

    Yes, competition is healthy - puts the consumer in the drivers seat.


4. Are you a year-round Market?

    Yes, our Market runs year round.

5. What are your table fees?

    New vendors pay $30 for a table for each of their first four markets.

    On the fifth market the fee drops to $25.  As well, every vendor pays

    an annual $5 AMA (Athabasca Market Association) Membership.

6. What is required of Food Vendors?

     Food vendors must complete the Home Study Guide for a Food Safety

     Certificate and must register as a Market Food Vendor with our local

     Health Inspector.

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